Scouting at FPC

          First Presbyterian has a long history with the Boy and Girl Scouts with troops meeting here consistently through the years. Currently we have over 130 young people involved on our programs from kindergarten through high school. The Troops are an integral part of our church - the Boys Scouts serving F.E.A.S.T. in January and the Girl Scouts in February. They also lead worship once a year.

          The Girls Scouts have six troops that meet during the month: the Daisys, the Brownies, the Juniors, the Cadettes, the Seniors and the Ambassadors. Serving as leaders for our groups are: Lori Blackley who also is our church liaison, Jill Britt, Kelli Cox, Shelley Foil, Heather Walters, and Danielle Burnette.

          The Cub Scouts have six groups that meet: the Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I and Webelos II troops. Their leaders are: Edward "Lucky" McKenna, Zac Greene, Lynn Wilson, Grahman Smith, Tanner Smith, and Damon Blackley. Zac Greene serves as our church Liaison.

          Our Boy Scouts meet weekly in the Boy Scout Hut with their leaders: Stevie Bollinger, Brad Losh, William David, and Kirk Martin. Stevie Bollinger is our church liasion.

          We are blessed beyond measure to have leaders to guide our young people and to have the trust of our parents. Scouting is a valuable program that provides opportunities for maturity in leadership and faith. First Presbyterian Church is honored to continue this tradition.