"A person finds JOY in giving..."

Proverbs 15:23

It is a pleasure to announce the Stewardship Campaign for 2020.  Our campaign began on October 18th and Commitment Sunday will be on November 15th.  This year due to the pandemic there will be no kick-off breakfast or celebration lunch. 

Please let me introduce you to our great committee members.  Joining me are Tina Bullard, Maureen Metzger, Christina Barnes, Tate Johnson, Dan Kenney and James Martin. 

Our scripture for this campaign is Proverbs 15:23 “A person finds joy in giving”.  We all hope that you find JOY in giving this year.  This painting depicts joy for me because of the gift Jesus gave all of us on the cross.

You should have received a gift in the mail to symbolize that joy. The Stewardship Committee wanted each of us to have a special penny. That coin has had the center cut out in the shape of a cross. Please use the penny when you pray to remind us the Cross is our guide.

Beginning on Monday October 26th, the church office began sending out short text messages about the Joy of Giving. If you currently do not receive texts from FPC it is simple to activate. Just go to your text message icon and in the To Box: type 797979 then in the message box enter FPC.  This will activate your phone to receive FPC text messages.

We have several new things we are trying this year.  Pledge cards will come to you both by mail and email. There will be a variety of ways to complete it and get it turned in.

1.     You can mail it directly to Kenneth Sasser at the FPC Office in the envelope provided with your mailing.

2.     The email will allow you to click on an embedded link and make your pledge online confidentially to Kenneth Sasser. 

3.     You can drop your Commitment Card by the Church office any day of the week.  Please make sure it is in the envelope provided so that it remains confidential. 

4.     You can drop it off at drive by on Wednesday November 11, 2020 from 4:30-6:00.  The Stewardship Committee will be in front of Fellowship Hall ready to accept your sealed envelope with your pledge card. The committee will be gloved and masked

5.     Bring your card to Commitment Sunday Service at 10:00 a.m. on November 15, 2020. At this service there will be an opportunity to place our pledge cards on the altar as we always do, practicing safe distances with our masks on.

With all the options for giving we hope that you will take advantage of the option that best suits you.  Don’t wait, give early.

The pandemic has changed part of First Presbyterian Church’s Stewardship Campaign but has not changed what Jesus taught us about the “Joy of Giving”

Praise and Blessings

Mira Kenney

Click here to access the confidential online commitment card