Camp Monroe

  • Since 1954, Camp Monroe has offered summer camp programs to our community. With a range of options for campers from 6 to 17, we strive to ensure your camper can grow in a safe , fun environment. It also offers retreats such as our Confirmation Retreat and our youth retreat, ARISE.

Children's Hope Alliance

  • Children's Hope Alliance is the combination of Barium Springs and Grandfather Home for Children joining forces to serve children and families throughout North Carolina. We work hard to provide hope, health, and healing for gernerations. Our comprehensive services and programs are designed to give hope to North Carolina's children by providing a safe home, healing their hurt, and encouraging a healthy start.

Disaster Relief

  • FPC has provided space for relief groups for the past four years for Church of the Brethren and Christian Aid Ministries. We have had to stop hosting groups due to Covid- 19 restrictions.

F.E.A.S.T.- Friends Eat and Serve Together

  • FEAST is a mission of FPC and is adminstered by the Mission Committee under the direction of the Session where anyone needing a meal is served. Guests are served on the second Saturday of each month by rotating groups within the church.

Food of the Month

  • Each month the church collects a food item for the food pantry at Robeson County Church and Community Center. The Deacons deliver the food monthly.

Haitian Worship

  • The church provides a meeting space for the Full Gospel Haitian Church worship each Sunday in our Education Building. We also provide space for their monthly fellowship gatherings.

Lumberton Christian Care Center

  • A mission of local volunteers who give their time in Christian live to share with those in need through meals, shelter, clothing and other needs.

Ramp Building with RCCCC

  • The Mission Committee in conjunction with Robeson County Church and Community Center build ramps for those in the church and the community who have a need of a wheelchair ramp.

Robeson County Church and Community Center

  • Robeson County's oldest and largest faith based non-profit. For fifty years, it has been helping our neighbors in their times of need, creating relationships across barriers, and constantly seeking new and innovative solutions to challenges in Robeson County with food, clothing, wheelchair ramps, home repairs and many other needed services.

Robeson Family Counseling Center

  • The Robeson Family Counseling Center stengthens family life among people living in Robeson County, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. We do this through counseling, educational events, and a variety of specialized services.

Samaritan Fund

  • This resource is available for the Pastor to use in emergency situations for those in great need.

Southeastern Family Violence Center

  • This center has been helping individuals and families on their journey towards a more peaceful life since 1981. We believe in each person's right to self-determination, safety, and a life free from violence. Survivors of intimate partner/family violence must be offered a safe, respectful, non-judgmental environment to identify their own needs and make their own decisions. In addition to being an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, we also assist individuals who are experiencing episodes of homelessness.


Haiti Relief/Partnership

  • Currently we are in the process of building a structure for the purpose of housing a well through Living Waters of the World though building has been delayed due to the violence in the region. It will resume as soon as possible.


Faith Ministry

  • Located in Reynosa, Mexico - Celebrated 20 years of service to God and neighbor - Making a difference, one at a time! By God's grace, we have built homes and relationships with our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. We are thankful for our relationship with them and look forward to more ministry opportunities in the future.


Medical Benevolence Foundation




  • Support Presbyterian missions in our country and beyond through our benevolent giving, prayers and gift requests when able. Our Missionaries are:  

          The Stephen Byxbe Family, Delice, Haiti

          The Garbat - Wlech Family, Malawi, Africa